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Of Suns and Moons
Of Suns and Moons


Space Opera, Science Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Magic, Superpower, School, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Demons, Psychological, Thriller, Raypunk

Written by

Shea Marks

Music by

Various Artists



Manga Chapters


Of Suns and Moons (太陽と月の, Taiyō to Tsuki no), is an All-Original Science Fantasy Raypunk Manga/Light Novel series being written by Shea Marks.


Of Suns and Moons is a Science Fantasy Space Opera that includes many Conspiracy, Ufology, Occult, and Religious references and information in the form of a fictional story of epic proportions. The overall and Common tropes in this series will include various forms of Raygun Gothic and Crystal Spires and Togas mixed in with Magitek and other hints of Retro Futurism. The story starts in 2021 after first contact with Earth between various Extraterrestrial and Terran Nations and explores the hardships faced by both sides in the coming years as a great transition challenges them all.


11,600 years ago a series of three cataclysms occurred on earth due to supernatural means caused by a war between the Antedilluvian civilizations known as Atlantis and Lemuria. The most notable one being the third and last one known as the great flood. As a result the earth's axial tilt was reduced from it's previous 30 degree inclination and mystical energy within the ley lines and vile vortices were disrupted plunging humanity into a new stone age. Most of the space traveling capable species were able to leave earth before it was too late with some of them being part of the Atlantean race.

Now in the 21st century CE during the 2020s, 200 years after the last Galactic War, Earth has regained it's mystical connections with it's inhabitants and earth is once more a spiritual hotspot in the galaxy and has reached the point of public first contact with aliens. Despite this, earth is now involved in a galactic cold war between the Sphere Alliance and the Shadow Entente. The Atlantean people begin a program where Terrans and Atlanteans exchange colonists to encourage coexistence and exchange of information in earth's early interstellar years. A young Atlantean Prince and Magus by the name of Lucifer Araceli Inlustris meets a few of these Terrans on his home planet, Gaia. Together with a few of his friends form a treasure hunting and mercenary group to explore the galaxy and take on dangerous jobs while accumulating funding for Magical research. Lucifer however has an Alterior motive for doing this, and that is to find out who is orchestrating the civil unrest and corruption within parliament of the Atlantean Empire.

The Atlantean Empire is going through a transitional period with a lot of civil unrest as the older and younger generations' views and priorities conflict. It has been 200 years since the end of the last galactic war and the age of bloodshed and conquest came to a close. Sadly, there are still a lot of older generations whom are skeptical of this new empire sustained by diplomacy and compassion, some even go further as to attempt a coup. Some of these extremists are only the tip of the iceberg of things that stand in the way of Lucifer's dreams of a Utopian Empire.





  • Lucifer Araceli Inlustris (Atlantean)


  • Carmael Layla Alaltair (Elioud)
  • Nathan Lee Skyhawk (Aryan)
  • Alice Aria MacArthur (Aryan)
  • Isabella Felicia Octavius (Atlantean)
  • Tenshi Fujioka (Aryan)
  • Kaede Fujioka (Aryan)
  • Asahiko Minamoto (Aryan)
  • Kotori Minamoto (Aryan)
  • Saito Tanaka (Aryan)
  • Aishu Song (Aryan)
  • Sebastian Alistair Caldwell (Aryan)
  • Alexander Alonso Wagner (Aryan)
  • Adeline Claire Dubois (Aryan)
  • Zendaya Taraja Okafor (Aryan)
  • Elikapeka Kai Kalani (Aryan)
  • Aurora Aurelia Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Atticus Anton Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Estelle Sofia Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Altalune Cherie Coiteux (Atlantean)
  • Arielle Elise Colette (Lemurian)
  • Augustine Anthony Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Serafina Angelica Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Annabelle April Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Corvin Quincy Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Cornelius Celeste Octavius (Atlantean)
  • Felix Flavian Falco (Atlantean)
  • Louise Noelle LaCroix (Atlantean)
  • Claire Elaine LaCroix (Atlantean)
  • Natalie Soleil Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Ashtar Sheran (Plejaran)
  • Jesus Christ (Plejaran)


  • Ace Fidel Octavius (Atlantean)
  • Corneille Clovis LaCroix (Atlantean)
  • Rosaline Etoile Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Sebastian Calloway Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Cleopatra Nicoline Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Florent Fidele Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • Crescent Eulalie Inlustris (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Plejaran)
  • TBA (Draconian)
  • TBA (Solipsi Rai)
  • TBA (Andromedan)
  • TBA (Lemurian)
  • TBA (Carian)
  • TBA (Lyran)
  • TBA (Ummite)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Annunaki)
  • TBA (Lyran)
  • TBA (Yahyel)
  • TBA (Procyonian)
  • TBA (Selenite)
  • TBA (Lemurian)
  • TBA (Lemurian)
  • TBA (Lemurian)
  • TBA (Orion)
  • TBA (Eben)
  • TBA (Nommo)
  • TBA (Antarian)
  • TBA (Octorian)
  • TBA (Estican)
  • TBA (Muffat)
  • TBA (Cetian)
  • TBA (Blue Avian)
  • TBA (Largan)
  • TBA (Korendian)
  • TBA (Cygnusian)
  • TBA (Orion)
  • TBA (Lemurian)
  • TBA (Antarean)
  • TBA (Altairian)
  • TBA (Shakani)
  • TBA (Akartian)
  • TBA (Santinian)


  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • TBA (Atlantean)
  • Lucifer (Angel)
  • Azazel (Angel)
  • Michael (Angel)
  • Gabriel (Angel)
  • Raziel (Angel)
  • Ariel (Angel)
  • Metatron (Angel)
  • Samael (Angel)
  • Azrael (Angel)
  • Lailah (Angel)
  • Sophia (Angel)
  • Sariel (Angel)
  • Baraqiel (Angel)
  • Bezaliel (Angel)
  • Barachiel (Angel)
  • Nathaniel (Angel)
  • Shamsiel (Angel)
  • Samyaza (Angel)
  • Turiel (Angel)
  • Tamiel (Angel)
  • Arakiel (Angel)
  • Uriel (Angel)
  • Anael (Angel)
  • Daniel (Angel)
  • Remiel (Angel)
  • Raguel (Angel)
  • Sandalphon (Angel)
  • Jophiel (Angel)
  • Zadkiel (Angel)
  • Haniel (Angel)
  • Sariel (Angel)
  • Camael (Angel)
  • Cassiel (Angel)
  • Sachiel (Angel)
  • Kokabiel (Angel)
  • Chazaqiel (Angel)
  • Amaros (Angel)
  • Batariel (Angel)
  • Jeremiel (Angel)
  • Ananiel (Angel)
  • Zaqiel (Angel)
  • Phanuel (Angel)
  • Sathariel (Angel)
  • Yomiel (Angel)
  • Gadreel (Angel)
  • Sarael (Angel)
  • Liwet(Angel)
  • Elyon (Deity)
  • Asherah (Deity)
  • Zeus (Deity)
  • Hera (Deity)
  • Poseidon (Deity)
  • Hades (Deity)
  • Persephone (Deity)
  • Amaterasu (Deity)
  • Susanoo (Deity)
  • Tsukiyomi (Deity)
  • Ra (Deity)
  • Horus (Deity)
  • Ihy (Deity)
  • Hathor (Deity)
  • TBA (Paragon)
  • TBA (Paragon)
  • TBA (Paragon)
  • TBA (Paragon)
  • TBA (Paragon)
  • TBA (Archon)
  • TBA (Archon)



  • Nero Noctis Elysius (Atlantean)


  • Nefertari Alayla Argyros (Atlantean)
  • Yahweh (Deity)
  • Iblis (Devil)
  • Beelzebub (Devil)
  • Belphagor (Devil)
  • Asmodeus (Devil)
  • Mammon (Devil)
  • Belial (Devil)
  • Leviathan (Devil)
  • Abaddon (Devil)
  • Astaroth (Devil)
  • Lucifuge (Devil)
  • Egyn (Devil)
  • Oriens (Devil)
  • Paimon (Devil)
  • Bael (Devil)
  • Beleth (Devil)
  • Amaymon (Devil)
  • Adramelech (Deity)
  • Neti Sangasu (Annunaki)
  • Ninki Ninkurra (Annunaki)
  • Siduri Ninkurra (Annunaki)
  • Talan Kateln (Maitre)
  • Etel Shubnalu (Annunaki)
  • Nasha Sisuthros (Annunaki)
  • TBA (Kyllimir-Auk)
  • Loryax Thimpakmin (Draconian)
  • Thameila Nyachal (Draconian)
  • TBA (Markabian)
  • TBA (Tanzany)


  • Mastema (Angel)
  • Loki (Deity)
  • Amatsu Mikaboshi (Deity)
  • Abraxas (Deity)
  • Set (Deity)
  • Ragan Cohren (Indugutk)
  • Antum Gemekala (Annunaki)


  • TBA (Draconian)
  • TBA (Maitre)
  • TBA (Saurian)
  • TBA (Iguanoid)
  • TBA (Rigelian)
  • TBA (Archon)
  • Apophis (Deity)
  • TBA (Archon)
  • TBA (Archon)
  • TBA (Archon)
  • TBA (Archon)

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Light Novel Series

Series One

Of Suns and Moons: Volume One

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Two

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Three

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Four

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Five

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Six

Of Suns and Moons: Volume Seven


Series One

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

Volume Seven


The series was inspired by various anime but was primarily inspired by several conspiracy theories, religious/philosophical works and scientific theories as well as various mythologies, occultism/esotericism, and supernatural origins. One of it's main foundations is the works of Edgar Cayce's prophecies and Helena Blavatsky's messages as well as some HP Lovecraft among other works. Ancient Aliens is also a big influence in this series' creation.


Season One

Opening Theme: Judy and The Affections - Dum Dum De Dip

Judy and The Affections - Dum Dum De Dip

Closing Theme Arc 1: Hushabye - The Mystics

Closing Theme Arc 2: Whispering Bells - The Dell Vikings

The Del Vikings - Whispering Bells

Closing Theme Arc 3: Tonight Tonight - The Mello Kings

Closing Theme Arc 4: Till Then - The Classics

Closing Theme Arc 5: Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers

Closing Theme Arc 6: Over The Mountain Across The Sea - Johnnie and Joe

Closing Theme Arc 7: In The Still Of The Night - The Five Satins

Closing Theme Arc 8: Denise - Randy and The Rainbows

Closing Theme Arc 9: Forever - The Four Chevelles

Closing Theme Arc 10: This I swear - The Skyliners

Closing Theme Arc 11: Earth Angel - The Penguins

Closing Theme Arc 12: This Magic Moment - The Drifters

Closing Theme Arc 13: Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Closing Theme Arc 14: Be My Baby - The Ronettes


Closing Theme Arc 15: Sweetest Dreams


Season Two

Opening Theme: Get Right Back To Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale


Closing Theme Arc 16: Magic - Pilot


Closing Theme Arc 17: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - The Temptations & The Supremes

Closing Theme Arc 18: Can't Help Myself - The Four Tops

The four tops - I Cant Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

Closing Theme Arc 19: Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations

Closing Theme Arc 20: Everlasting Love - Robert Knight

Robert knight - everlasting love

Closing Theme Arc 21: Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede

Closing Theme Arc 22: Aint No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel

Closing Theme Arc 23: Rock The Boat - The Hues Corporation

Closing Theme Arc 24: Who Loves You - The Four Seasons

Closing Theme Arc 25: Baby, Now That I Found You - The Foundations

Baby, Now That I Found You

Closing Theme Arc 26: Oh What A Night (December 63) - The Four Seasons

Closing Theme Arc 27: I Want You Back - The Jackson Five

Closing Theme Arc 28: Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps

Closing Theme Arc 29: Sweetest Dreams


Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven


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