Nihon Fanon Wiki FAQ
Questions about our anime fanon wiki.

Here are the questions and answers about what Nihon Fanon Wiki is.


What is the primary content of the wiki?
Anime and manga, although other content to the wiki is allowed as long they don't violate Fandom's Terms of Use or is related to GoAnimate, Bitstrips or Plotagon.
Are inappropriate topics that don't violate Fandom's Terms of Service allowed?
As long you use the {{Mature}} Template.
Who made the CSS of the wiki?
It was mostly created by the admin Megy Teckhonia (formerly known as LinuxFan399), though GensokyoAngel helped a bit.
Most of the character pages are stubs.
When we the make character pages, we do in a time frame (no, there isn't any rules about a time frame, what i mean with "time frame" is when we make character pages in a certain amount of time.), and as a result they're often short. They also need to be tagged as a stub, maybe it is possible to expand it with a section containing fanon information?
Are character pages from series with loads of fanservice (e.g. Hyperdimension Neptunia) allowed?
As long either:
  • a "Safe for Work" image is used, or
  • the naughty bits are censored.
Am I allowed to make my own fanon?
Of course!
In the comments of character pages, I usually find a lot of names that sound smiliar to the character's original name. What is it?
Character nicknaming.
Who are the admins on the wiki?
Refer to this.
I often find screenshots of Google Image results of Japanese namings (kanji) in the comments, what is it?
Kanji lookup results, usually from an OC or a Yandere Simulator character.
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