Welcome to the Nihon Fanon Admin Guild!
Meet our wiki's administrative team.

This page is about the list of admins and bureaucrats goes here. Moderators and also included.

Qualifications for adminship

Criteria Requirements
Role Edits required
Rollback 250
Chat Moderator 500
Disscusions/Forum Moderator 750
Content Moderator 1,500
Administrator 2,000
Bureaucrat 4,500


Nihon Fanon Wiki Staff
Username Role(s) Current status User since Admin since
Gensomura Founder
(Co-Owner · Deputy)
Active January 15, 2016
PaperMarioFan2017 Admin
Active February 19, 2016
Mikan is cute Admin Active January 15, 2016
ArtistOfTheDaleks Admin Active August 3, 2017

Former Staff

Former Nihon Fanon Wiki Staff
Username Role Current status Date of admin promotion Date of demotion Reason of demotion/retirement
Flaky the Waifu Chat Moderator Revoked March 15, 2016 April 13, 2016 Abuse of Power
Oliverwestern Bureaucrat Retired January 15, 2016
December 12, 2016
May 23, 2016
January 17, 2017
Stepped down to focus on FanonLand Wiki, but often does Interim duties for a globally blocked Admin or Bureaucrat.
.mynameischrome. Administrator Retired May 22, 2016 February 2, 2017 Stepped down as Nihon Fanon Wiki is no longer a subsidiary of Creativeness Wiki.
Megy Teckhonia Bureaucrat Retired January 15, 2016 May 6, 2017 Stepped down after got fully adopted and currently active on To Heart Wiki (and some other Fandom wikis).


Below is the key system of the admins' statuses whether he/she is active with their administrative previliges. The key system was created by GoAnimateFan199Pro.

Administration Statuses
Status Description
Reinstated This user got their admin privileges back.
On Leave This user is taking time off from Fandom, but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.
Active This user is making contributions frequently.
Semi-active This user is temporarily making contributions on this wiki while being retired or during hiatus—a user is still undecided whether he/she fully returned on this wiki or not.
Returned This user has came out of retirement, otherwise from a hiatus or a global block.
Break This user is currently inactive, but not long enough to make a hiatus.
Legendary This user has quit this wiki – but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.
Hiatus This user is currently inactive.
Semi-inactive This user is currently getting prepared to step down as Admin.
Unregistered This user has not yet made any contributions, or has made less than five.
Dormancy This user has been inactive for over 3 months, and is set to lose their place on the Admin team in 31 days.
Retired This user has retired/stepped down as an admin.
Danger This user is in danger of losing their Adminship due to Admin Abuse.
Revoked This user has demoted from administrative rights due to Admin Abuse.
Blocked This user was banned due to inappropriate behavior, but still has Admin rights.
Revoked/Blocked This user has lost admin privileges, and was banned due to inappropriate behaviour.
Globalled This user has been globally blocked from the Fandom network.
Closed This user closed their account or their account was disabled by the Fandom Staff.
Closed/Globalled This user was forced to close their account down/forced to disable their account as a direct result of being globally blocked from the Fandom network.
Deceased This user has passed away, but will still keep his or her Bureaucrat and Admin Powers.

Adminship requests

To apply for an Adminship on the Nihon Fanon Wiki, please visit the Application board at the forums or from this page. Make sure your certain criteria requirements above are met.

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