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The Plejarans (Pleiadians), an Elven Feyid Humanoid Race

Lifeform Classification is the system used to identify certain lifeforms by physiology. While not all categories are listed because the possibilities are endless, the main groups are listed below.

Class Types


The most common type of sentient life form to evolve, Humanoids are a very diverse in species and appearance but overall possess 2 arms and legs and a head. Some may have extra limbs or maybe a tail.


Best types are often classified as such when certain lifeforms resemble some form of animal and keep certain traits thereof. Magical Beasts fall under this category.


When a being is artificially created such as a clone or robot, they are classified as Animate.

Class Origin


This classification involves lifeforms that originate from the Aetherworld. These Include Angels, Dieties, and Heavenly Beasts. This type can perform transmogrification and enter the void or the physical realm.


This classification involves lifeforms that originate from the Netherworld. These Include Demons, Dieties, Imps, Succubi, and Hell Hounds. Infernals can perform transmogrification like their celestial counterparts.


Primordials are beings said to be older than Celestials and Infernals combined and are native to the void aka The Source and are near unkillable. These beings are the rarest and are so few in number it is said enough exist to merely count the number with your fingers. They are also some of the most powerful beings in existence.


A term referred to Physical and Metaphysical lifeforms that exist in the multiverse that are regarded as Fairies physiologically due to an unusual mixtures of additional Primordial, Celestial, and Infernal traits as compared to Naturals. A prime example of this classification are the Pleiadians, which are an Elven Humanoid race. Some are shapeshifters and can transform into something else other than their true form.


Naturals are the most common. Naturals make up a vast majority of inhabitants of the galaxy. They unlike their Feyid counterparts lack any significant unusual traits that are normally seen in Otherworldly Beings. Atlanteans, Aryans, and most Giants are of this type.

Intelligence Level



Species Variant