• JessicaFin23

    I have made a list of character theme songs for my OCs. These songs remind you of those characters, which is why they're called "character theme songs" or "image songs". For some reason, Sarah West thought it would be a good idea for my OCs to have some character theme songs, so as I made those characters, I looked up some songs based on their backgrounds and personalities, and so far, I have some pretty good results, and some of those songs fit my OCs rather nicely. But keep in mind that not all of the OCs I make have a song, because sometimes I have a bit of trouble finding some songs that fit some of my characters.

    Here is the list.

    • Akilah Ahmad - Arabia by Hanine
    • Alyssa Martins - Lost in the Supermarket by Ben Folds
    • Amber Buttons - Marvelo…

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  • LenLawliet


    March 9, 2018 by LenLawliet

    Okay, so I'm new to this wiki. I looked through previous wiki's I visited and found this one. Upon investigating, I found out that drama from a previous wiki I am a former a member of had brought me here. So if I'm to understand, this wiki is just to make your own characters and just go from there? Sorry if I sound like a lost idiot. Picture is for attention.

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  • AmagiriShinmeiStyle12

    Well, hey, I guess I could start it here too lol

    Anyway, I am Yasuda Izumi and I propose a wiki-wide project with the Second Heaven's Holy Grail War of Fate/Providence!

    Here are the basic rules.

    There will be seventeen Masters and Servants, two Servants of each class. Providence is based off of Fate/Apocrypha! I have decided to allow Divine Spirits, that is gods and goddesses. However, only three Divine Spirits will be allowed and they must be Pseudo-Servants, that is summoned straight into the body of the Master.

    Divine Spirits are basically gods. Stretched across different mythologies, Divine Spirits could be anyone. The catalyst to summon a Divine Spirit Servant has to be something stronger than a normal catalyst. A normal catalyst could be s…

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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So far, my Pokemons will beat yo asses!

    • Dark Fawful
    • Cirno
    • Dreamy Bowser
    • Bonetail
    • Shadoo
    • Wracktail
    • Shadow Queen


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    1. Go to Dia's office.
    2. Place the contract on top of her desk
    3. When Dia says "No", shove Prune onto her mouth (She will have to take a huge crap in the bathroom)
    4. Sneakily write the contract before Dia comes again and fucks you up
    5. Run the fuck away from the Student Council Office
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Love Live: School Idol Project (English Dub)


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Honoka = Happy
    • Umi = Sleepy
    • Hanayo = Bashful
    • Maki = Grumpy
    • Rin = Dopey
    • Nozomi = Doc
    • Kotori = Sneezy (Can't Find someone who could suit Sneezy)
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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Honoka = Joy
    • Umi = Sadness
    • Nico = Anger
    • Maki = Disgust
    • Hanayo = Fear
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  • PaperMarioFan2017

    So far, I am going to start this rant in 3..2..1..0!

    The Sonic and Mario Fanbase are treating each other like motherfucking trash, I know Mario and Sonic used to hate each other once during the 90s, examples like Nintendo made a Harry Hedgehog enemy from Yoshi's Island as a mockery out of Sonic, but nowadays, Nintendo and SEGA starts treating each other like brothers and sisters, but does the fanbase get along? NO, they attempt to bring back the 90s rivalry, both of them are good franchises, but I prefer Mario since he never gets any love, and Sonic is OK to me.


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  • PaperMarioFan2017
    • Umi = Sonic
    • Maki = Knuckles
    • Eli = Tails
    • Ruby = Amy
    • Honoka = Cream
    • Nozomi = Big
    • Nico = Shadow
    • Dia = Rogue
    • Chika = Blaze
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